In this section we will be looking at the history of Suh Do Kwan and how history has had a massive impact over the curent style and how it is taught. Over the years the style has taken on many forms and has been used for a multitude of different cercumstances, all of which have created the end result we now know as

Suh Do Kwan

The way Of Grand Master Young Ik, Suh.  

We Will be breaking up the history into 3 parts:



                             Location and Date                                                         : Persons of note :                         Notable time period and historical happenings.

Our Style begins in Fujian Provence of China

(pre-historical coverage until1700)



In 1700, the style made its way to Shuri Japan under the guidance of Chatan Yara and later in 1756, Kusanku traveled to  Ryukyu Japan as an ambassador of the Qing Dynasty.









For almost 250 years (1700-1938) the style thrived in the ever-changing Japanese political climate until a young Korean man born in China would come to Japan in 1938 to learn agriculture at the Nihon University.







In 1945 Yoon, Byung In would bring a mixture of Chinese Chuan Fa and Japanese Karate to Korea. He would come to call this new style "Kwon Bop Kong Soo Do" (fist art empty hand way).




1950-1968 Young, Ik Suh and Kim Pyung Soo move to the united states. Having both trained under Park Chull hee and brought the style "Chang Moo Kwan" to the united stated. Although the styles have since been renamed, their history and Legacy live on in the students and teacher they continue to impact.









Wong Chung-Yoh (****)

(See Chatan Yara Link)


Kusanku (1670*-1762)ūsankū


Chatan Yara (1668-1756)


Peichin Takahara (1683-1760)


Sakugawa, Kanga (1733-1815)


Sokon Matsumura (1809-1899)ōkon


Yasutsune, "Anko" Itosu (1831-1915)ō_Itosu


Kanken Toyama (1888-1966)ōyama


Yoon, Byung In (1920-1983)


Park, Chull Hee (1932-2016)


Young Ik, Suh (1938-2013)


Kim Pyung, Soo (1938-Present)

Grand Master of Cha Yon Ryu  


Don Baird (19**-Present)

Grand Master and Founder of Suh Do Kwan


Dave Burgett (1967-Present)

Grand Master and Founder of Valencia Martial Arts


Drew Smith (1987-Present)

Master at American School of Martial Arts Santa Clarita

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History of

Suh Do Kwan

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